Eyelet Setting Tool Kits

When do I need to use an eyelet setter instead of an eyelet plier?

The main reason to use an eyelet setter would be if you need to fit eyelets in a large sheet of material in the centre of the material for example and not on the edge as pliers will only beable to fix eyelets at the edge due to the pliers frame stopping you from reaching all the way across the material and this is when you would need an eyelet setting tool kit.

How do I use an Eyelet setter tool

They are very easy to use,  1st make the hole with a hollow punch tool , then insert one of the included metal eyelets which comes free with these kits in the hole , next place the fixing tool over the top of the unfinished end of the eyelet and strike the fixing tool with a hammer to form and close the eyelet thus fitting it in place all fastened into your material such paper and leather for example and that is the job done.

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Showing all 9 results