Eyelet Pliers for Sale

A range of Eyelet pliers products available for sale you can buy which are easy to use we stock.

  • What Materials can these Eyelets be used for? They are ideal for Fabric, Paper, Leather, Card, Soft Plastic, Vinyl , Rubber to mention a few materials you can fit them into.

Free eyelets with all pliers bought we have been supplies of these craft tools for over 10 years to ensure you purchase the right items.

How do Eyelet Pliers Work? The short answer is they punch the hole and then the pliers jaws form and fix the unfinished side of the eyelet into place into your material so no washer backing plate is required to secure them.

What is the difference between Eyelets and Grommets?

In short an eyelet is a small version we sell the larger and more heavy duty a called Grommets

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Showing all 16 results