Tarpaulin Eyelet Repair Kit with Free Hole Punch 30 Eyelets


  • 30 Free Eyelets
  • Easy To Use

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Tarpaulin Eyelet Repair kit

with 30 Free Eyelets included

Brand New and Packaged 

This Easy to use Diy Tarpaulin eyelet repair tool kit is ideal to replace and mend your old tarp comes with 30 Free eyelets and also come with metal washers to fix them them in place.

Large sized eyelets are more heavy duty and also classed as grommets

All the Installation tools come with this Kit You will need to fit these Tarpaulin Eyelet Fasteners.

This Repair kit which can be used on ground sheets,  awning , cloth, canvas , card , sails , Flags,  leather and large tarpaulin waterproof sheeting material for replacement and installing new eyelets

Comes with a Tarpaulin Eyelet Punch to make the holes if needed

With 30 FREE Brass coated metal round eyelet rings and washers that secure the eyelet in place

The eyelets fit a 11.5mm hole size and an outside diameter of 22mm

Eyelets are small round hole in leather or cloth for threading a lace, string, or rope through also reinforce the holes edges
How to Size Eyelets and Grommets Guide

Everything You need with this eyeleting Tool set for Repairing Your damaged and worn Tarpaulin cover

Also included this tool kit comes with a free tarpaulin eyelet hole puncher tool 

How to use a Tarpaulin Eyelet Repair Kit

  1. Take out the Broken tarpaulin eyelets
  2. Is hole is ok? if not with the tarpaulin hole puncher cut a new one
  3. Place the eyelet in the tarpaulin hole
  4. Place the fixing metal washer backplate on the other side
  5. Then place the eyelet die former over th eyelet & strike on top to close the eyelet setting it in place
  6. All Done a Fixed to tarpaulin all renewed for you.

For Sale Do You need?  extra tarpaulin eyelets and washers to fit this repair kit click here

Very Simple to use & takes just 5 minutes to fit and Saves You Money with a little bit of repair work.



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