Punching a hole in a Belt – Easy how to Guide

At times we have all have had to make the extra holes on a belt ,when you start punching a hole in a belt you must ensure the belt punchers is strong enough to make the pressure of making the hole in your belt as a guide You are best to buy the highest quality leather punch pliers you can.

What Tool is Used to punch holes in leather belts 

The best tool to  use a revolving head type punch pliers to make the job Easy and Safe job please see below which tools not to use at all costs, In the long run the plier will save you money and time.

How do you poke a hole in a belt with scissors?

Please do not use scissors and drill bits by trying to poke and pierce you way through the material,  I cannot tell you the amount of time I have had customers tell me they have injured or ruin an Expensive Belt  trying to save money when making additional holes in leather

How to tell what a Good Leather Belt punch is when buying one

The simplest way is the weight just by picking up the pliers is they fell light these will not take the strain buy punching a hole, the punch pliers should have some weight to them, also the hole punching part of the tool should be sharp enough to cut a clean hole.With Cheap and nasty hole punches the frame/ handles of the tool  just buckles under pressure and do not have the strength to make a clean cut job.

How Much will a Good Quality Belt Punch cost?

I would recommend spending over £10 to ensure you get one that is of the right quality to stand up to the job, and you will always have it for another time when punching those extra belt holes.I would recommend this hole punch plier  everytime.

How to Make a Professional Job when Punching holes

  • 1st Put the Belt around your waist and mark where you need the hole with a pen
  • Make your pen mark for the new hole is in line with the other belt holes so it looks correct
  • As mentioned buy a good set of pliers to punch the hole.

Tips and Tricks to Help Make a good Job on your Belt

  • Use a Solid table place one side of the belt pliers on the table this allow You to press down more and create extra pressure of thick belts
  • Sometimes a scrap piece of materials before you work piece help make a cleaner hole when punching the hole
  • Using Eyelets can stop holes from tearing if you have a favourite belt you wear alot with your trousers
  • Try a Practice run first of a scrap belt or material if you are worried about making a mess when punching a hole in a belt you have spend alot on.
  • Use a revolving punch for your project as these will make small enough holes.

Who Can Put a Hole in a Belt for Me?

It will be cheaper to buy a good punch than using a belt punching service and it’s Easy to do you just need to follow the above steps and take Your time.Making the holes in a belt without proper tools such as a leather punch is dangerous and could cost you alot more money so does not work out cheaper and can be a great deal of hassle.