How To Use Eyelet Pliers

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How to use Your eyelet fitting pliers with these instructions we will help you fit Your eyelets in no time and cover the questions we have been asked over the years of selling them, with eyelets they normally come in two types ones that are formed by the pliers jaws to fasten them in place and then the other type with are fixed in place by a metal washer with acts as a back place, the choice comes down to which project you are working on which we will cover.

But What Are Grommet Pliers?

Well a grommet is basically an eyelet but a more heavy duty version to put it better, these are normally used on large items such as banner and tarpaulin sheeting not so much craft items. Also grommets are normally bigger than eyelets and require more force to fix them in place.

Which Size Eyelet do I need?

Again it’s nice and easy to work out the correct eyelet size , they are sized by the hole diameter they fit in so a 4mm eyelet will fit a 4mm hole, it is also worth taking note of the outside diameter to make sure they fit with your craft or DIY project.

When do I use an Eyelet Plier?

These Eyelet fitting Pliers are used in many different situations and many materials , one point I must stress is that they are used near the edge of your material and are not able to reach across large sheets of say leather as the frame of the pliers would stop the tool from reaching across.

Do I need an Eyelet Punch to go with My Pliers?

Yes as sadly many time I see stores with no experience have pliers for sale claiming them are a punch tool as well, we do sell combination tools which are eyelet hole puncher and fitting tools, but some of the available equipment on the market are eyelet setting pliers these are what the name suggests just a tool it closes the eyelet and sets it in place.

Can I used Different size Eyelets?

Normally the pliers are design to fit one size eyelet but sometimes you can get away with fitting a 1mm bigger but not any larger as the tool would not have the strength to fit the eyelet or form the it correctly.

Why do they have so many names?

At times confusion sets in and we then get a range of different names fired across to us from metal eyes, washers , grommets I once had a customer alarming ask me for “some eyes” but we did laugh with them after this statement.

What are Eyelet Setters and Dies

These are abit more awkward to used and require the user to strike the eyelet setting tool with a hammer with the die underneath to form the eyelet, so the die is basically an eyelet former.

Which Materials can they be used on could I Use Eyelets for Paper or Fabric even Leather?

Yes paper , card , leather and soft plastics to name a few materials they can be used with, but take into account the thickness of the material which you are using to ensure the eyelet can bend round enough to fix in place.

I am still Unsure which type of eyelet to use?

Well normally craft projects use the non washer eyelets type unless you are concerned about the locking side which the pliers jaws forms as these to some can look abit scruffy, so to follow on from this you could use the washer types as these give neater finish.

Will a Revolving Headed Leather Punch Fit Eyelets?

Sorry this might to some come across a funny question but we do get customers ordering these types of tools thinking they are an eyelet fitter when in fact they can but used as a eyelet hole punch tool but will not fit the eyelet.

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