5mm Quality Nickel Eyelet Setting Tool Kit


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This Eyelet setter kit is used instead of normal pliers when you need to reach across to say the centre of your work material while you are fitting an eyelet into areas where normal eyelet pliers cannot reach across the tool kit comes with 40 x 5mm (hole size) Nickel eyelets with an 7mm outside diameter , they are like a matt silver in colour but classed as nickel.

The eyelet tool is used by being holding the forming tool placed over the unfinished side and being struck with a hammer on top of the closing tool which presses the shaped out and fixing the eyelet in place.

Nickel setting tool with 40 x 5mm eyelets which have a 7mm outside diameter. Also included with this set a Fixer tool.

These eyelet setter tool sets allows you to reach across larger materials where normal pliers cannot reach across.

All the 5mm Eyelets listed below can be used with this  eyelet setter tool


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