6pc Wad Leather Hole Punch Set


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  • 6pb  Wad hollow leather punches set
  • How do they work? Quite easy by the punch being placed over the material in the spot you want to make the hole then with abit of gentle persuasion a good strike on top of the punch with a hammer and your hole is then punched.
  • A Word of Advice on using these punches, Sadly at times the odd customer has deemed it not a good idea to not place some scrap material under the work piece they are making the hole in,  if this is not done then the punchers cutting edge will get damaged if it goes all the way through the materials into a hard surface under your work.
  • Which Materials can they be used on? Leather, Soft Plastic, Paper ,Card , Rubber , Vinyl to name a few
  • These hollow punch tools will make the following Round hole Size: 3mm, 4mm,  5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm


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