Leather Hole Punch for Saddles


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For sale this Heavy Duty Revolving Head professional Leather Hole Punch for Horse Saddles , Bridles, stirrups, harness and neck straps kit ideal for making and adding extra additional holes in most leather equine tack even belts bands this is a super leather working Equestrian Hole Punch for Horse Riding Lovers while you gallop along using is.Ideal leathercraft tool ensuring you saddle fit your horse and pony when you buckle up,  in short how this work is by the punch is press down on the leather cutting a hole through the material by squeezing the handles of the hole puncher pliers.

  • The Punches Head has a Set of 6 sizes 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 3.5mm 4mm or 5mm hole cutters diameter.


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