English Uk Made Round Carving Mallet


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For Sale an English made Excellent Wooden Round Mallet  for Wood Carving These Round Wood Mallets Makes Carving Wood much easier Ideal Wooden Rounded Wood Mallet for Wood Carving Chisels & other woodworking projects with timber Convex  face offer a mixture of weight & Great balance for all carving work and used by Joiners The large round barrel shaped beechwood head has a large surface area to reduce wear and tear while you hammer. The handle itself is ash Best Woodworkers Round Curved Headed Mallet. 75mm  round Circular Diameter round head shape This Hand tools has a Round ball head type is far easier to use. Total Weight 15oz (450g) Brand New Carpentry Round Wooden Mallet

Key Feature

  • Quality Mallet Made to Last
  • Free Uk Delivery
  • 12 Month Guarantee


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