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Metal Ring Punch

steel ring punch

This Metal ring Punch tool kit set is user for hole reinforments on vinyl tarpaulin sheeting for the metal eye rings , this set comes complete with all the tools you will need from brass coated steel grommets and washers to metal hole punch for cutting the holes with your materials also used for awning , How this punch set working is by placing the puncher over the round hole then striking the punch with a hammers and then place the die underneth the grommtr and the metal washer on top then strking the forming ring punch tool with the hammer again to secure it in place , this set come with 30 11.5mm round circular hole size metal grommets and backing washers and everything you need to do the repair job.

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How to Use a Leather Hole Punch

Well to start off you must make ensure you are using the correct punch for your leather work, here is a guide that will also answer the most commonly asked questions we get.

Many times people buy or make a leather belt and find for one reasons or another that the belt will not fit and they need to cut a new hole in the leather, at this point there are videos or poor advice on using drill bits or even worse a scissors out there in the general circulation, for example using scissor to pierce holes in leather is incredibly dangerous and you are highly likely to spike and cut you hand when the scissor slips on thicker leather, I cannot tell you the amount of times I have heard this or people have contacted me that they have just ruined their expensive new leather belt a partner has purchased them as a gift so save money and heartacre in the long run and use the proper tools we will always help you chose the correct leather puncher.

In all cases with quality tanned leather we always recommend using a quality leather punch plier as these are far better and safer when making holes in belts , another product that can be used is a wad punch but can be a awkward job using one these and not to everyone’s liking, so a revolving punch is far quicker and easier to use tool, the only drawback with a plier is you can only go so far in the materials edge before the frame of the pliers stop you going any further in, if this is the case you would then have to use a wad punch aka hollow punch tool so you can punch any area of your material you require.

What other materials can a Leather punch be use on apart from leather? The answer is card , paper , soft plastic and vinyl are a few to mention which you can punch with these hand tools.

Why will my Punch Pliers not Cut through the Leather? To reply to this it depends on the leather you are wanting to make the hole in and which tool you are using , a good tip is if the leather cutting tool is not punching a clean hole then place a scrap piece of leather or thick cardboard behind your work piece , this will make a clean hole in the material you need the hole in and a not so clean cut hole in the scrap material.