Wood Carving Chisels

Supplied for You a range of woodcarving sets all brand new wood carving chisels for beginners through to wood sculpting professionals but from time to time we do sell the odd vintage Marples and Henry Taylor wood chisel sets which are traded in by customers, The woodworking craft hobby is a wonderful way to express your self weather it’s letter carving , background designs through to chip carving to shape geometric patterns in softwood timbers such as caricature wooden figures when using relief carving techniques, also very popular these days is the hobby of whittling we stock a lovely Flexcut and also English carving knife set ideal for shaping and cutting wood in fine detail.You will found that we stock beveled chisels for wood carving that include popular gouge, skew & spoon chisel blade shaped types not to mention mallets to safely strike your chisels no need to lumber your way through.

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