What Materials can I Use with Eyelets?

What Materials can I Use with Eyelets?

Which Materials can I use and Tips when Eyeleting

You will find that eyelets are very versatile and cover a range of many different uses in this help guide, they can commonly be used for creating an opening for thread and string to be fit into for example an vinyl Banner and also used by many frame makers when canvas making is being produced the vast array of coloured from brass , silver and black to name a few make them very useful in this respect.

Eyelets for Paper and Card

Again they fit the bill for paper such as document fastening in the office securing paperwork and keeping your work nice and organised, through to craft work such as card making as they reinforce corner hole and eliminate any ripping and tearing not to mention add an attractive finish to any work.

The Leatherworking Craft

For many years the leather craft has used eyelets , they are used for leather belt holes and also for shoes and boots holes to add strength most eyelet tools have an built in hole punch suitable to cut the round hole out with no fuss.Another use is for bag such as handbag to create an usual design many pepper their bags with the rings in leather to create a stunning finish.

Sewing / Haberdashery Fabric

Eyelets are used all the time in the sewing craft to add to the decorate and the practical reason of create a small round hole in fabric, also popular for dressmakers and many other clothes.Also used for draw string pouches and also ideal for threading lace through.Smaller sizes are used for tab top curtain eyelets to form loops in the cloth, larger types are used to fit onto curtain rails commonly silver eyelets are preferred for that modern looking touch.

Yes Plastic are also Fine

Ideal to join soft plastic together and any thin plastic , grommets / eyelets are used in waterproof sheeting such as tarpaulin so rope have be threaded through them to secure and tie the covering down.

Tips For Successful Eyeleted Work

1) Always use a scrap piece of material to safe damaging you expensive main work piece.

2) Always work safe in a tidy workspace

3) Buy more eyelets than you need so if you make a mistake you will have some left over to get that job finished.

4) Ensure the punch you have is strong enough to cut through you work.

5) Make sure you have the right sized eyelets a 5mm eyelets will fit a 5mm hole size.