How to Use an Eyelet Punch

Making Holes with an Eyelet hole Puncher

Well the title gives this article away and in this how to guide we will cover the ways and whys an Eyelet Punch is and the best way to make the most easy and best round holes for your eyelets.

Which Eyelet Tool for Punching Holes?

Well it depends on the area and position you need the hole to be punches in for the eyelet hole, if you just need to cut a hole in a reasonable thick sheet of material, say card or leather for example upto 2mm that an eyelet pliers with a built in hole punch will be an ideal punching tool for to knock out the round holes onto you materials, But but this is only if you are making the hole near the edge of your work piece.

As eluded to above you will need a different hole puncher for large sheets of materials, the tool for this job will be a hollow punch , this pierces the hole by being struck on the top of the punches head with a good thump with a hammer, also these types of punches are better and more heavy duty for thicker materials such as leather belts and ideal hole makers, where a plier would struggle under the strain.The main advantage where pliers would not be able to fit across as the frame would stop the tool reaching across the material a hollow type punches has no restrictions so you can move the punch across any distances.

What Size Punch will I need to Fit my Eyelets?

Well this is quite straight forward if you are fastening an 4mm eyelet then you will need a 4mm punch , this only really comes up when using a setting tool as most pliers have a built in hole puncher, and as you will know a 7mm eyelet will need a the same sized punch tool for cutting the hole, just remember that eyelets are sized by the hole size they fit into.

Do I need an Additional Punch?

Well only with eyelet setter for that just form and close the eyelets , with these you will need an hole punch to go with the tool, but with some pliers you will not need and stand alone eyelet punch as these tools are combination tools with its very own hole punch built in making it a 2 in 1 machine, well I have covered the aspects needed to be consider which choosing your eyelet hole punch.