Tiny Screwdriver Set

Tiny Screwdriver Set


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This Tiny Precision Screwdriver set with Extra Hardened Steel Blades end Twist top Heads ideal will you turn Awkward mini screws allows you to Hold the screw in place then just twist turn the handle for mini wrist watch screws round by hand to tighten and undo them This Small headed screwdriver kit has Knurled Grip None Slip Handles for better grip Small Sized heads Lightweight hand held watchmakers Screwdrivers smaller than normal sized these micro screwdrivers ideal for intricate detail work Precision Micro Screwdriver sizes with Slotted ( Flat headed ) 1mm 1.2mm 1.4mm 1.8mm 2.4mm and 3mm Wide Cross headed ( Pozi head ) No.0 No.1 and Magnetic tip Awl They vary From 75mm the Smallest in Length to 100mm the Largest Screwdriver in Length With Magnetic Pickup tool Awl the drivers Comes with Compact Storage Case Brand New Tiny size Screwdriver Set Also for Sale Tiny torx Screwdriver Kit


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