Quality 5mm Black Eyelet Setter Tool Kit

Quality 5mm Black Eyelet Setter Tool Kit


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This 5mm fitting tool comes with 100 black eyelets and is ideal when used as a eyelet setter for fabric and many other materials listed see below as a guide you will need a a hole punching tool listed below the eyelet tool kit comes with a closing tool which is used to form the eyelet and fastening it safety the method used with this set is by placing the former on the eyelet on the side then needs shaping then striking the former tool (Included with the set) with a hammer with some gentle persuasion! this creates the shape on the unfinished completing the job. Ideal Eyelet Setting Tool for Fabric Leather Canvas Soft Plastic Card/Paper and Vinyl tab top curtains to name a few Tool Set come with 40 x 5mm Black Eyelets made from metal and Fixing tool Eyelet Sizes: Fit a 5mm Hole and have an ousite Diameter of 7mm Used instead of eyelet pliers when you need to reach across further than the edges of your material. Very Easy to use you will need a hole punch tool set here is a suitable one, You will find these Stubby Hammers a Great Help  Click Here Antique Brass 5mm Eyelets to fit this Setter Tool Kit Click Here Brand New and Packaged


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