Palm Size handled Short Wood Carving Tools Set 6pc
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Palm Size handled Short Wood Carving Tools Set 6pc

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These Quality Small Palm size carving chisels are trusted by many carvers The Pear ball shaped round handles allow comfort while using these in the palm of your hand Just wrap your hand and fingers snugly round the handle and press down.Drop forged and heat treated steel blades these carving chisels require no carving mallet to cut wood with them so ideal for carving in tight space restricted areas due to their small size. Ideal for precision carving with these small chisels with short length Handles/blades Used for both wood and linoleum for sculptural work We have sold many sets Always receive positive customer comments Also useful to carve fine decoy and caricature carvings due to the reduced size This Palm carving Set Includes the Sizes Listed Below 1 x Straight Chisel 10mm Blade Width 1 X Bent Flat Chisel 10mm Blade Width 1 X V Shaped Gouge Chisel 8mm Blade Width 1 X Straight Small Gouge Chisel 8mm Blade With 1 X Straight Large Gouge Chisel 8mm 1 X Corner/ skew Chisel 10mm Overall Length of these short sized tools is just 13cm ( 5 inch ) This sharpening stones are ideal for keeping the palm chisels nice and sharp click here Brand New and Fully Packaged Work out Just £2 a chisels Treat Yourself and add these to your carving tool collection today.


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