Model Makers Mini Hand Drill

Model Makers Mini Hand Drill


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For Sale Made from Lightweight Miniature Model Makers Hand Drill with a Brass finish Ideal for precision hand operated drill used for a Modellers Hobby Drill and Repairs Great For use when smaller scale Drilling Circuit Board with care and best Modelling Drill of Trains Planes and Cars models Designed for Precision slow speed detail Drilling Work works by a Easy Simple Small Spiral Type Push down action hand drill Will take small sized Drills Bits From 0.1mm upto 1mm Hole Size (Not included) These hobbist Handheld Drill is 95mm (3.5″) in total Length a Diameter of 8mm We also Sell the Drill Bits that go with this Drill 20pc Mini Drills Here Brand New Product / Fully Packaged Mini Hand Drills


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