Mini Rotary Tool Kit

Mini Rotary Tool Kit


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This Electric Mini Sized Rotary Tool has in turn 101 Uses! 12v Rotary Power Fitted with Standard 3 Point Plug in corded type Ideal Device for Precision and Fine Detailed Rotary Engraving Equipment work Ideal tool For as a Jewellery Making Craft Drill Model making Electronics and Engraving Has turning On/Off Toggle Switch 12000 revolutions motion per seconds not load speed 12 dc volts up to 7 and  Spindle thread M8x0.75-spindle revolving Lock Collet sizes :1mm 2.3mm 3mm and 3.2mm ideal for miniature bits This Rotary Multi Tool Kit Comes with 60 Small Accessories parts will fit dremel tools for Drilling Engraver tool bits Sanding Polishing Cutting Small Scale Drilling Shaping Cleaning and Grinder uses Comes compact Storage Case Included Accessory Kit List 1Pc Grinding Stone 2pc Connective Posts 1 Pc Metal Engraving Bit 4 Pc Micro Drill Bits (1mm 2.3mm 3mm3.2mm) 4 Pc Buffing Wheel Set 3.2mm Shank 4 Pc Brass Collet Set (one included in drill) 1mm2.3mm3mm and 3.2mm 3 Pc Wire Wheel Set 3.2mm Shank 5 Pc Cut Off Wheels 3.2mm Shank 6 Pc Sanding Drums 3.2mm Shank 10 Pc Mounted Stones 2.3mm Shank 20 Pc Diamond Points 2.3mm Shank Brand New and Fully Packaged Compete Rotary Tool Set


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