How to Use Eyelet Makers

Which Methods and Tips to use Your Eyelet Pliers?

How to Choose the correct Eyelets to use with your Pliers

Most of the eyelet pliers available will formed & secured in place by the itself, We do find confusion starts when there is a feeling that there should be back fixing plate ring (washers) to secure the eyelet in place.With certain hand tools on the market this is the case but not with the ones on this site , the eyelet is simply placed in a pre made created by the the build in punch or hollow hole cutter tool, then the die jaws of the of the pincers on the plier jaws presses the metal eyelets over to complete by bending it over which forms shape with the tools jaws, thus closing and secures it in place. pliers are designed to take just one size but a 4mm tools will fit a 5mm due to the very slight difference in size , the correct sizes is stated on our products description to help.

Which Eyelet Punch to use to make the Hole with or without Pliers

We find that different materials need different type of tools to produce a clean hole, With paper and card hollow punch can work quite well for eyelet hole making, the heavy duty eyelet one with a built in punch which makes a nice clean hole but this tool will only go so far across your work piece, so you will need a hollow punch test if they work well on card with a scrap piece of soft wood or thick card underneath you work piece.For Leather we do sell a great range of leather punch tools that produce a professional hole ideal for leather belts and shoes, another little tip is to use a piece of scrap leather or similar material behind the item being punched to make a nice clean hole.

What Size is the Eyelets?

A question we have been asked on numerous occasions by customers is regarding sizes, for example a 10mm eyelet fits a 10mm hole and has an outside diameter of 14mm.We also have available smaller 4mm and eyelets in brass and mixed colour such as black which you will now know fits a 4mm diameter hole..

As a helpful tip the image below this would be classed as an 11.5mm eyelet, as this fits an 11.5mm hole, and has an 22mm outside diameter.

What Materials would eyelets be used on?

Well you can use a multitude of materials with eyelets as they are ideal for craft paper and cards, also your leather crafting for leather belts and also watch straps, canvas and soft plastic, and tarpaulins corners rings no to mention sewing fabric is a popular use to just name a few uses for these eyelet setting tools.

Are they many colours types of Eyelets?

There is all the colours of the rainbow from classic brass to vintage looking antique brass eyelets for that older look, through to the more modern silver eyelet for clothes, and then there is funky Pink, Blue and Red.A firm favourite is the black eyelets as they are very smart looking.

Why are Eyelets Called Grommets at times?

Well the name Grommet does come up it’s just basically another name for eyelets , but it does not stop there as at times they are call hollow rivets and even metal washers, but in the end they are all the same products just to clear this matter up.

Leather Working Tools Guide
Written by: Jane Ferris
Date Published: 05/19/2016
Good info and help me with my craft work with leather