Hilka Ratchet Spanners Set

Hilka Ratchet Spanners Set


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This Hilka set of Metric Ratchet ring spanners from their pro craft range with dirt covers which prevents any dirt from getting into the ratchets mechanisms.The closed ring ends on this set eliminate the spanner from slipping off for safe use when turning bolts and nuts threads when tighten and undo like using a socket these are offset designed ratchet wrenches how they work is by the angled design allow you to get into difficult to reach spot where a standard straight spanner could not also the added bonus is that your hands are further away from the working area to keep them safe from harm.They are Ideal for professional mechanics with heavy duty ratcheting drive part you can easily flick the switch to change from forward to reverse drive when locking up bolts etc. Sizes included with this Metric Offset Wrench set listed below: 6mm x 8mm 10mm x 12mm 11mm x 13mm 14mm x 17mm and 19mm x 21mm Brand New and Packaged Hilka Hand Tools.


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