Frequently Asked Questions

This Page covers many questions we are Asked regarding Eyelets 

Question ) How are eyelets measured.

Answers ) They are measured by the hole size they fit into so a 4mm eyelets will fit a 4mm hole.

Question ) What is the Thickness of material they are go through.

Answer ) Normally 2-3mm thick material.

Question ) Will I need an Eyelet Punch.

Answer ) Yes if the eyelet tool you have is just a setting tool and no if your pliers is a combination tool with built in hole puncher.

Question ) Will the eyelets work Ok on card.

Answer ) Yes this should be no problem with our tools will work also on thicker paper well.

Question ) Will I need washers or a back plate to secure the eyelet in place.

Answer ) Not will most of the eyelet pliers we sell the eyelet is formed by the pliers jaws on the unfinished side of the eyelet which is bent over and thus securing it in place.

Question ) What is a Grommet.

Answers) It’s just another name for a large Eyelet.

Question ) Do your Eyelet Pliers fit different sizes of eyelets.

Answer  ) Not normally but on Heavy Duty Eyelet Pliers you can get away with a 1mm larger eyelet in size , so the 4mm HD plier will fit a 5mm eyelet.

Question ) Why can I not fit smaller and other size eyelets with one size plier.

Answer) Well the pliers jaws are design to fit one diameter size of eyelet , on eyelets of 7mm size they have slight cuts in the unfinished end the help the jaws of the pliers bend it over with these cuts the tools could not create enough pressure to bend the unfinished side over.As stated above you can bend the rules with the 4mm plier we stock.