Free Leather Working Tools Usage Guide

Free Guide on Which Leatherworking Tools to Use

Here are 4 Commonly used and best hand tools for the leather working for beginners in the craft hobby tools which are commonly fount for sale in the Uk within the trade these tools vary from hole punch tools to eyelet setters which are very popular and a must for the crafting work in this article I will cover the many types and their best uses in detail.

cutting tools for punching leather

Punch Pliers and Hole Cutters for Leather Tools

The old favourite the revolving leather punch pliers are great leather hole cutters with the rotary head which has six punching sizes, they are very easy to use a good tip for beginners is if you struggle to cut a clean hole in your leather why not place a scrap price of soft material under your workpiece.This will create a clean round hole in the material you need to punch and a scrappy one in scrap piece behind, which would be an ideal method for belt hole punching and watch straps.

This brings me on to the other type of hole maker we stock, Hollow punches for leather hole punching these are made form solid metal which have hollow centres these tools also are more heavy duty , An ideal for when you need to create hole which is far into the material for example the centre of a sheet, when a rotary one would not reach.

photo of leather working hole punch

Eyelet Tools used for the Leather working Craft

Once you have made that hole you may well need to fasten an eyelet in the hole as this eliminates any ripping around it and also create a nice finishing touch to your craft leatherwork project , we stock both brass eyelets in 4mm and 7mm also a assorted colour pack which fits 4mm holes.We sell pliers that are 2 in1 tools that also act as both a closing tool and hole punchers, what are these eyelets used for? many products like Shoes and Boots holes, belts and clothes to name a few uses.

fitting tool for eyelet pliers with punch

Falconry Leather Eyelet Closing Tools

These hand eyelet tools are used all the time by falconers leather as eyelets / washers fitters for crafting leather for aylmeria anklets and mews jesses , creating extra strength.Also ideal in the making of squirrel chaps for hawks and falcons during training an public displays.

Leather Working Tool Cutting Mats for Safe

These mats are ideal for protecting work surfaces for craftworkers while cutting leather when craft working , they are self healing boards to stop any cutting marks and does not show when you next use the mat, they have guide line squares to ensure accurate leather trimming with your Leather working with your tools on various craft projects, also used for Vintage Bookbinding for leather cases in the Uk,

large self repairing cutting mat for leather working

Number and Letter Stamping Kit for Leather

This tool kits are used for for marking name and codes on leather the kits come with a handle , they can easy stamp any word you need, how this leather stamping kits work is by the number or letter bit being placed in the handle there is no need for ink the bit marks the leather on it own.

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