Eyelet Tool  Punch Kit + 100 4mm Brass  Silver Eyelets

Eyelet Tool Punch Kit + 100 4mm Brass Silver Eyelets


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This hand Eyeleter tool is used for fixing your 4mm eyelets metal rings works by first punching the hole and then the jaws form the unfinished side of the eyelet closing them and securing it in place with no need fiddly washers are needed very easy to use just to mention how this works with 6 different size interchangeable hole punches set that just screw in place after you have removed the eyelet closing dies heads which forms the eyelets by pressing the handles together just unscrew easy to do can you use this also as a leather punch as the tool is quite heavy duty which makes it value for money also comes with Free 100 round metal eyelets/grommets in an assorted mix of Silver Brass Nickel and Copper they fit a 4mm eyelet hole which is cut by the tool kit. Which are used for many materials from Leather Belts and Shoes/boots lace holes to Card/Paper Soft Plastics and Rubber etc Also used for haberdashery and for the Sewing craft as eyelets for Fabrics in dresses and other clothes Canvas etc and other materials including tap top curtains Quality Strong tool so Ideal for Adding extra Holes in leather belts when eyeleting For then insert the eyelets that fit small 4mm eyelet hole and have an outside diameter of 8mm This hand eyeletter and fits eyelet size of 4mm With Eyelet Forming crimping Jaws for pressing eyelet to shape With 6 round hole making punches 2.8mm 3mm 3.5mm 3.8mm4mm and 5mm Brand New and Packaged.


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