Eyelet Setting Die Tool Kit 5mm Gold Eyelets

Eyelet Setting Die Tool Kit 5mm Gold Eyelets


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This eyelet setter tool kit is used for forming and fixing eyelets in place comes with 40 x 5mm Gold eyelets a setter tool is used instead of pliers when you need to reach right across to an area where pliers cannot reach to as their frame would catch and stop you from being able to fit the eyelet.This tool kit includes a installing tools and comes with 40 x 5mm Gold eyelets.Very Easy to use just put the eyelets in the hole you have punched we sell suitable hole punches link below then place the installing tool on top of the unfinished side of the eyelet then just give a tool a good tap image with a hammer (see image above) our stubby hammer is ideal for this and far safer than a standard large size hammer. Very Easy to use Complete Eyelet setting tool kit Come with Fixing Tools and 40 x 5mm Black Eyelets Eyelet Sizes: Fit a 5mm Hole Size and 7mm Outside Diameter For a Suitable Punch set for this kit Click Here Make your Job Easy and Safe with one of these Small Hammer Click Here Brand New and Packaged


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