Extra Long Reach Tube Spanner Wrench Set

Extra Long Reach Tube Spanner Wrench Set


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Made from tough metal made from Chrome Vanadium Steel Box Spanners Quality Tools you can use for reaching difficult to get at area with this Hollow Hole Spanner Wrenches ideal as a Car Spark Plug wrenches and for Plumbing for Taps Bolts and Nuts etc These Long Length Tubular Shaped Spanners have hollow centres all the way through Long Reach tools Range From 120mm(4.5″) to 150mm(6″) in Length Double Spanners so you Get 12 different sizes Spanners Metric Sizes Includes (Hex Shaped Ends) 6mm x7mm 8mm x9mm 10mm x11mm 12mm x13mm 14mmx15mm and 16mm x17mm The Spanners are Double Ended so 6 Spanner means 12 different sizes. Come with Tommy Bar Wrench Handle this allows user extra torque Brand New Tools and Packaged.


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