Circlip Removal Tool

Circlip Removal Tool


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Handheld Circlip Removal Pliers Tool which is Heat Treated tough Steel Offset Internal and External with interchangeable Circlip Removal Heads This Circlip hand tool used for Internal External circlips Also Known as Snap Ring Pliers Best for Fitting and Removing of metal Circlip retainer clips this tool makes it easy , The plier heads opens apart the circlip when acting as a remover of these rings for easy installing and Great for gudgeon pins , small circlips and even door handles removes broken circlips easily Durable vinyl sure grip Handles Total Removal Tool Compact Length 150mm(6″) Circlip Tools Includes 4 different Head , Internal Straight Head and Internal Head 45 Degree offset Head and Offset 90 Degree Head With Spring Loaded Handle Brand New Fully Packaged.


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