Beginners Set of Wood Carving Tools Set

Beginners Set of Wood Carving Tools Set


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Wood Carvers Starters Wood Carving Chisel Set A Basic wood carving set for beginners to the hobby Set Designed for economy in mind when learning how to carve wood With Anti Split-proof Metal Rings on Handles Ideal for use with our wooden mallets click here 12 Of The Most Popular assorted Carving Blades used when Beginning the carving craft hobby Carvers Chisel Set Includes Sizes

  •   1/2” Gouge
  •     3/8” Parting tool
  •     5/8” Gouge
  •     3/8” Gouge
  •     1/4″” Double faced skew
  •     1/4″” Spoon chisel
  •     1/4″” Round point
  •     1/4″” Skew
  •     1/4″” Spear point
  •     1/4″” Hollow point
  •     1/4″” Straight chisel
  •     1/2″” Straight chisel

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