Automatic Wire Stripper

Automatic Wire Stripper


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A Heavy Duty Grade tool this Automatic Wire Stripper these pliers have a self adjusting mechanical auto action wire and cable stripping ideal machine for using as professional electricians wire stripper this tool is used to remove the protective insulation from wires used best for repetitive electrical jobs due to the notches to ensure accurate wire cutting with this stripping tool while working with electric wiring projects also include a wire stripping guide so you cut a even length every while using these auto wire cable stripper how to use this wire strippers just place the cable/flex you need to cut in the correct size notch then press the handles together then the wire to automatically stripper self activating cutters and engaging to the right size *Always Receives Great Customer Reviews Tool Sizes 0.5mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.6mm and 3.2mm in Diameters Also this tool can strip wire of many gauges even 30 awg Tool is  (180mm) in Total Length This is a Brand New and Fully Packaged Quality Automatic Wire Stripper.


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