Antique Brass Eyelets 5mm

Antique Brass Eyelets 5mm



Very nice quality pack of 100pc old style looking Antique Brass eyelets they are a 5mm hole size and a real treasure look like they are from a bygone vintage era these round eyelets are made from metal a zinc alloy which they used for as these brass eyelets for Craft work in fabric and leather to name a few materials which are suitable and how they can be installed is by these pliers with being are a very close size fit.These Antique Brass Eyelets fit a 5mm hole size and have an outside diameter of 9mm Ideal for Paper Card Canvas Soft Plastic Leather Clothes Belt Shoes/Boots and tab top curtains loops to create that classic period look These can be eyeleted are used for fitting around small holes to stop any rips or tears to provide openings through their centre holes for string and even rope to go through them. These type of eyelet has no need for washers also know as grommets for your reference Brand New and Packaged Antique Brass Eyelets


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