7mm Eyelet Press Tool Fits Larger 100 x 7mm Brass Eyelets
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7mm Eyelet Press Tool Fits Larger 100 x 7mm Brass Eyelets

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  • Great Quality hand with this Eyelet Closing Tool which are for used for close eyelets This Tool fixes 7mm eyelet (Fit a 7mm hole with outside diameter of 12mm) Comes with Free 100 x 7mm round shaped worth £2.99 Brass Eyelet which are made from metal sometimes called Rivets Metal Rings and also known as Grommets Please note you will not need any washers needed to secure the eyelet as the pliers jaws closes them and work as the makers of the unfinished side and thus secure it in place working as a eyelet press What Materials can this used with this eyelet closer tool kit used for Installing eyelets for Leather Shoes / Boots Banners Plastic Paper Card Rubber Fabrics tab top curtains heading and even canopies also used as a falconry eyelet closing purposes.This is just an Eyelet closing tool which needs a Hole Punch a Suitable one can be fount by Clicking Here Hollow Punches For Replacement Eyelets to fit this tool Click Here  7mm Extra Brass Eyelets packs.  
  • FAQ Q) Is this eyelet tool good Quality a) Yes we have sold them for years and customers are always telling us they are happy with them Q) Do they need a Hole Punch to go with these tools? A) Yes they do and our 9pc Hollow Punch set which cover the size hole punch you need Q) Are these Eyelet Kits always in Stock? A) We pride our site on having 100% Stock availability so there is no Delay in sending your order



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