200pc 4mm Spare Brass Eyelets Packs Uk

200pc 4mm Spare Brass Eyelets Packs Uk


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Supplies of Packs of 200 Brass Spare Round Eyelets to fit Eyelet Setting Pliers Available in Small 4mm size, These eyelets are made from Metal The 4mm Brass Eyelets Fit these pliers click here  (Fit a 4mm Hole with a 8mm Outside Diameter) Ideal for strengthen small round holes for threading Lace rope and leather and fabric etc , Which Materials are Eyelet Used For? listed below Craft like Leather Paper Card Fabric Framing Canvas Plastic Banners Tarpaulins tabtop curtains and Joining materials together and creating extra strength around newly created hole and a smarter finish. All these Eyelet Spare Bulk Packs are Brand New and Fully Packaged.


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