12pc Go Through Mechanics Handheld Screwdrivers Set

12pc Go Through Mechanics Handheld Screwdrivers Set


SKU: 12058 Category: Barcode: 5028734120585.


Professional 12pc Car Mechanics & Engineers Large sized Heavy Duty Screwdriver Set These Quality with Superior strength construction unbreakable vinyl handle with Magnetic tips for holding screws while you turn and driver the screws in Securely built in screwdriver handle ends joint with blade Go Through shafts Screwdriver Blades which go all the way to the top from the tip With hex Bolster head ends to combine use with spanner wrench also used as hammer striking heads Ideal for Auto Repair and Servicing Maintenance Work This Set of Screwdriver includes Sizes Slotted / Flat Blade Headed 3.2mm Wide x 75mm Long 5mm Wide x 75mm Long 11mm Hex End 6mm Wide x 38mm Long Hex End 13mm 6mm Wide x 100mm Long Hex End 13mm 8mm Wide x 150 Long Hex End 14mm 9.5mm Wide x 200mm Long Length Hex End 16mm Pozi Cross Headed Pz2 X 38 X 13Mm Pz0 X 75Mm Pz1 X 75 X 11Mm Pz4 X 200 X 16Mm Pz3 X 150 X 14Mm Pz2 X 100 X 13Mm Brand New and Fully Packaged Hand Held Large Size Screwdrivers


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